Saving 'en

                             Saving 'endangered' handmade textiles,
                                                                     reviving + reinterpreting disappearing handcrafts,
                                                                                                                 employing  local women artisans,
                         promoting cultural exchange between Turkey + our global visitors.

The word conjures up sepia images of Middle Eastern alleyways, filled with nargile smoke and touts of questionable character loitering on every corner. It evokes colorful mental pictures of carpets stacked high under vaulted brick ceilings, daylight barely filtering in through high rosette panes…a world of men, intrigue, shady dealings and endless bartering.

Our Bazaar is another vision entirely. A gathering place, a cultural haven filled with the intricate handmade textiles that women from the regions of our former Ottoman Empire have been making for themselves, for their families, to use and cherish for ages. Vivid embroideries wheeling circles of fertility and abundance across dark hand loomed cottons, painstaking crochet work that needles forth a cornucopia of fruits and flowers in scarf-trimming profusion, our bazaar is a color-filled refuge for artisans and storytellers.

In a world overwhelmed by machine made stuff churned out by the thousands and destined soon to be fodder for landfill, we think it’s wiser to slow down, reuse, recycle and reinvigorate those traditions that have value over time, not passing whims based on trend. Whether you are looking for vintage handcrafts to pass along to your own families, or are intrigued to learn about timeless crafts passed from mother to daughter for generations, you are welcome here, in our Bazaar Bayar.